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Raise a glass?

by rialian - May 6th, 2011.
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===First, the REAL reason that all-glass anythings in fairy tales are not visited often:

Million rainbow all the way across the sky

===Anyway…I was amused.

===Moving on, a friend of mine on LJ posted about Simon Baron-Cohen and autism, and I am going to tangent off a bit from what she has to say.  (I commented on it, and I will state that I do not think that autism=likelihood to be evil, which seems to be the way that folks like Simon Baron-Cohen really see things, when you get through the psychological language…but I have not read their stuff yet, so take my view with a grain of salt in regards to the specific person, but not the expressed ideology, which I have bumped into slightly) Their journal is excellent, by the by…and they work with the autism concept quite well.  My difference of opinion in no way should be read as a disrespect of their life and what they do….


===Over the years, I have encountered a number of folks that have decided that they are autistic/Asperger’s/whatnot.  It is usually a self-diagnosis, and they build their identity around it from there and then. A number of folks have said that it is rather descriptive of elven sorts.


===Now, some of us might have aspects of some of these patterns, but I do not consider Elven to be categorized as a mental illness.  I really do not see a point to getting myself diagnosed as mentally ill or possibly needing treatment. If you are looking for a label that is not elven….try eccentric.  I can do eccentric.  I do not see a reason take the mental illness dictionary that folks have written to put folks in treatment boxen, and then try to fight my way OUT of it to redefine it. 

===(Oh, and please do not take this as an attack on those that work with the labels….they do have their reasons, and I have a fair bit of respect for a number of folks that work with them intelligently.  I may disagree with them in using them, but they have my respect.  I do not consider what they are doing to be damaging to “what it is to be elven”….and they have some EXCELLENT insights.  I have more issue with the folks that define themselves this way as an excuse to not function, which I have also encountered.  Using “I am Otherkin” or “I am Autistic” as a reason not to function is not acceptable.  Using them as descriptors and as a way to communicate/work out better ways to adapt and function?  You have my respect, and thanks for the heads’ up. (grins)

===I rather suspect my bit of twitchiness about using said terms is that i have worked with the folks diagnosed with serious versions of autism and apergers….and they need help to function in society at all.  We are not talking eccentric, we are talking non-adaptive.  We are talking levels that have folks who are diagnosed really NEED to have a minder to make sure that they live…and they do not have the awareness to know this. 

===Most elven sorts I have encountered?  They KNOW their areas of non-adaption, and what is healthy/not healthy for them.  The ones that use the autistic/apergers nomenclature are using it as a communication medium because it seems to get the general information across….folks seem to respect medical terminology rather than “look, I have a few differences with how I interact with the world”.  The problem is this: Use medical terminology to describe yourself, you are saying that you are broken. Trying to describe others as “neurotypical” is not really doing much more than reinforcing that view. 

===Personally, I would rather have folks look at my life and say “oh, so that is what it is to be Elven…looks pretty good.  Maybe I can learn from that”.  I do not want them seeing elven as part of a mental illness that one “overcomes”.  I am not succeeding “in spite of” this….it is something that informs me, and can be seen as manifesting the more I work with it. 

===More later…I still have a post to work on about patterns and patterning in life…(chuckles)

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  1. (I don’t know if wordpress comments allow html… my apologies if this comes out looking like crap)

    Million rainbow all the way across the sky

    Tee hee! Funny though because I do have pictures in my head of a kind of glass/crystal city in the sky, complete with flashing reflections and rainbows. Never considered it might be a blindness hazard. Maybe the inhabitants are all immune somehow ;)

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