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Dungeons and Distos….

by rialian - May 9th, 2011.
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===I have been looking at the direction my linux distribution of choice (Ubuntu) has been going, and I think I am going to be trying out a few others now.  I upgraded the desktop to 11.04, and I do not like the feel of the new interface….yes, I could just use a different desktop, (I have a great fondness for Xfce), but there has also been a shift in feel with this most recent release.

===I tend to consider the more “non-logical” aspects of things when i make decisions….in my view, logic has its place, it is a wonderful tool, but it is not that which controls everything I do.  If something “feels” off, and I can find something that will work for me that feels right…I tend to go with it.

===So, I am looking about at distros, and I think I will be testing out #! (CrunchBang) , I will let folks know what I think of it.

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