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Gardens, Weather, and Purslane!

by rialian - May 12th, 2011.
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===Well, I am currently waiting for the bread to finish baking before I go out and work in the garden…I picked up a few nifty plants at the asian market I used to go to in my old neighborhood.  Some Malabar Spinach, Bitter Mellon, some sort of squash, some peppers, and a basil.  Also picked up seeds for Edible Amaranth (Yin Tsai, Chinese Spinach)…which is a tasty green, if you have not tried it.  I still need to get the corn in, and I hope to get some of it in today. (my instincts were telling me to wait until this week to plant, honestly…hopefully, my instincts were right).

===We now have the meadow a bit better under control….we have a rather nice neighbor who is working on his version of a Scottish manor, who has a brush-hog.  It can be difficult to do such things such as a this…as we actually like things a bit more wild.  However, we do want to keep the ecosystem in the meadow as meadow.  I am experimenting with leaving a swath of the meadow uncut, as I do need a windbreak and the black locust trees seem to want that area.  I have a fondness for these trees….when they are full grown, they have really good flowers for honeybees, the trees fix nitrogen in the soil…and the wood is one of the more high-btu woods for the woodstove…not to mention that you can get some rather good fenceposts from them as well.  A number of animals also really do well being fed from them (Goats like them for fodder).

===This morning weather was fascinating.  We are on the western side of a mountain here at Mithlond…so I do not see the sun quite as early as folks on the eastern side would.  But I get to see the effects of the temperature and the moisture in the air have from an interesting vantage.  The mountain on my side was heavy in cloud, and you could see the dance of temperature and airflows in the mists’ behavior.  I stood outside watching it for a good while, until the sun got high enough over to begin warming the air on this side enough to clear up the ecology of mist.

===So, on the agenda for today is gardening, clearing the gutters for my neighbors (not the Scottish manor, but the fine folks at Hillside, my “next door” neighbors), stealing a few purslane plants I have seen (no, not all of them…I want to propagate this very tasty plant for my wild foods garden), and a few other things out and about here.

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