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by rialian - May 18th, 2011.
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===Note the first: Walking the Thresholds is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.  It would like your registration, please.  TIt is not dressed in a pin-stripe suit, it is not your FAERY GODFATHER (of SOUL).  However, it would like to know who is attending, and if folks would like to pay using Paypal, that option is only available for about 2 more weeks. 

===(This reminder is of course par for course, as folks tend to register this month.  Please let me know your status, and let me know who is showing when.  Some folks I only hear are coming through others…(chuckles)

===It sounds like I will have a storytelling/bardic workshop happening…along the lines of how to tell tell tales better, and a probable workshop/discussion panel on how to immerse yourself in learning a skill. I would like to thank the bardic sorts (which are the folks that have actually let me know they want to do a workshop) for stepping forward. 

===I am still hammering out my workshops….I will probably be organizing a group discussion on otherkin social dynamics…which will be mostly focused on the more functional ones, since that is the sort that tends to attend Thresholds..(chuckles) I have one or two other things I am still thinking on, which I will talk about as we get closer to the event….possibly one on elven magical styles. (grins)

===A number of folks are doing interesting exercise/martial arts things…I will have to see if we can encourage some pick-up workshops along those lines. (Last year we had some Yoga, and I am doing Tai Chi….there may or may not be some demonstrations/workshops of these things.)

===A number of people have been doing interesting homesteading/sustainability things…

===So….let Rialian know you are attending (rather than assuming he knows or that someone else has told him)…..and remember….pre-reg rates end soon.  (grins)

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