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Perennial greens…

by rialian - May 19th, 2011.
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===Ok, just one at the moment : Chenopodium bonus-henricus – Good King Henry …my two plants have finally established themselves well enough that I am able to harvest a bit.  This one was grown so that I could try it, as it is not easily found anywhere here to sample it. (edited to add: Plants For A Future site on this plant)

===I was rather pleased with it.  It has a bite when eaten raw (but not a bad one, I could eat the young leaves in a salad, but I think it is better cooked.  I had a bunch that I cut up and put in with eggs, and it was excellent.  I will definitely be growing more of it and placing it in some of my more wild gardens.  I like plants that stay about for a while….and I am a fan of a number of this plants relatives (I rather like Lambs Quarters, and have a bunch of re-seeded plants in my garden.  I will soon be harvesting the early lettuce from the main bed that it is in, so my staging there is going well.  (I planted some young lettuce there early on to get a crop, and then I have the Lamb’s Quarters to harvest later, as it gets warmer than the lettuce likes. 

===It looks like I will be getting a short break from the rains we have been having…so I have some time to get the chickens better situated, perhaps move their main coop a bit over so that the ground gets to recover a bit. (the tarped roof held up reasonably, but we have had a LOT of rain, so the ground is more damp than i would like for them.)

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