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by rialian - May 20th, 2011.
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===Well, it looks like I have a day or three of non-deluge, so I get to get more stuff done for the garden.

===I have cardboard to get, so I can finish the sheet-mulching of the paths between the rows of corn I planted.

===I also want to get a large raft of soilblocks started up of my next interplant of the garden.

===I do some direct-seeding in the garden, but the method I am using to supress the weeds caters more to putting started plants into the garden…just part the straw mats a bit, poke a hole in the underlying cardboard, and put the seedling in.  Make sure to add a bit more nitrogen into soil to balance out the nitrogen being used to decompose the straw/cardboard/covered over weeds. 

===I also use the soil blocks as a soil-enhancement method.  I amend the soil blocks with a few things to help the young plants (mostly greensand, perhaps some blood or bone meal…), and the peat moss in the block is great organic matter for the soil.  The added compost is also quite good.  So, I get my plants in with a good start, I improve my soil at the same time.  I think this works. (grins)

===As I harvest things, I place new plants in, or I let grow some of my edible weeds…(or transplant some over to the empty spots)

===I should note that this is for the more “formalized” garden…I am also working on some scattered guilds and plantings about the land, which are essentially permaculture forest gardens.  Once I get this main bit done with the main garden, you will be hearing more about those experiments.  (for example, I am impressed with the Good King Henry, so I will soon be working on placing some of these near the black locust woods I am letting develop.  I will also be working on an autumn olive plant guild, I think..)

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