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Erg…(food allergens)

by rialian - May 20th, 2011.
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===Ok, I must remember to not eat anything made with soft-white bread…such as rolls for subs, when out and about.  I just got up from one of my “soy coma” experiences, brought on by a chicken cheese-streak I picked up while picking up the cold cuts for sandwiches.  The sandwich had no mayo, so I KNOW it was not that. (I really hope that it was not the chicken…I will sometime have to see if I am starting to react to soy-fed poultry…oh, that would really suck in a bad way)

===The fun thing with this particular allergy is that you get slightly different reactions with each batch you encounter.  Sometimes it is achey and flue-like, sometimes it is…well, a rather quick run through the system.  This was the soy coma, where I got home, and had to REST. 

===Still a bit spacey, but able to function.  Oh, how I dislike the additives folks put to things I should be able to eat….

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