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My life…a snapshot (still life with bunnies 1).

by rialian - May 22nd, 2011.
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“Maybe the rabbit is a virgin…he has not had the advantage of magazines, or sex advice shows….”

===You see, my wife has an interesting sense of humor.  She is telling me that my proper job is chaperoning the rabbits to ensure they have sex, as I was not taken up in the rapture.

===So, I am told that I need to teach the male little bunny known as “Foo Foo” the ways of poly, as he apparently has not figured out that he needs to apply himself to multiple rabbit action.  Oh, there is now a correction…I am to teach him the ways of COMPETENT poly.

===Now, I realize that there are differences in rabbit poly and the sort of poly that I would consider in my life.  For one, I am not trying to produce multiple litters of offspring in order to have them eaten by others.  There are multiple other differences as well….which we will not be discussing here.  I hope you all have been amused by this snapshot into typical conversations around the homestead. I will note that there was no discussion of me showing the rabbits how to breed, or physical dynamics.  (The conversation actually started when I commented on the sexual incompetence of Foo Foo, and that Little Bunny had to cajole him into actually having sex.  It was odd, but is to be expected after the way she treated him the last time we tried breeding them.  Oh, and I did tell them about the cookbook that a friend of mine sent me…that also might have made him a bit less interested, who knows.)

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