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Still life with bunnies 2, the education continues…

by rialian - May 23rd, 2011.
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===Well, FooFoo has apparently figured out how sex works.  He has not sufficently engaged with Little Bunny (who is not so little anymore) that it was time to remove him from her cage, or she was going to beat him soundly about the head.  FooFoo is now showing his newly-gained skills with Harmony.

===I am currently hoping that the chickens are producing eggs by Thresholds….It would be nice to be able to serve eggs from Mithlond for breakfast.  I will not be serving any rabbit meat for a while….probably have some available by Crossing the Thresholds.

===The garden is now producing a good amount of salad greens.

===Today, I work on the raised beds near the house.  Our long-term plan is to make the larger garden plot more of a perennial vegetable producer, with wild foods area (and a section for corn), and have more of the often-used annuals grown closer to the house, as they tend to need more attention.

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  1. Any “results” yet…?

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