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One more week….

by rialian - June 1st, 2011.
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===Walking the Thresholds is next week.

===Folks have been registering: thank you! 

===Anyone have any last-minute workshop offerings or requests?

===And, as always…the general note:

===”Walking the Thresholds is run by Rialian.  If you have issues with him that have you on bad terms with him (and this takes a bit of work), please do not attempt to attend.”

===Likewise, as I have said in the past….if you are coming to Thresholds to harass someone else, I reserve the right to accept your money, and THEN boot you out.  (amusingly, the last group of folks that came to harass someone at my event left of their own accord….It seems that they did not cope well with my walking up with a sheaf of their open online correspondence on open boards, and letting them know that everyone seemed to be aware of their intentions.) (I count “wanting to work things out with someone” that does not want to talk with you….to be intent to harass.  Even if they are not attending said event (see previous example.)

===I dislike having to have such notes up just before the event, but you know….the stupid need reminders.  The main example even had an email directly sent to them stating the intolerance of ulterior motives…and they still came, and still attempted to claim that I was mean and kicked them off site. (laughter)

===All that said…WtT is looking really good…and drop me a line if you are coming!

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