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Cooling, Electricity, and Assumptions

by rialian - June 2nd, 2011.
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===We finally got a ladder for using in the house….which has made a big difference in the house temperatures.

===Our house has been designed reasonably well, I like to think.  One of the designs is that the bedrooms have very high, angled ceilings with north-facing clerestory windows rather high up.  They can be opened up, and have screens.  The problem has been that they are very high up, so i have not been able to reach them to scroll them open.

===Once the windows are open, the hot air flows up and out of them, pulling cooler air up and making for better ventilation. for that side of the house, especially if I also open a lower story window or two.  It also is better if I have fans on to help this along a bit, which we have.  It will be good to see how well this works when it gets hotter again.
===I was reading The Archdruid Report today (link is to the post for June 1st) .  Electricity is one of those things we take for granted…and a lot of our systems are based on the assumption that we can get it easily.  It is not good to base everything on that assumption.  (the sheer amount of electricity lost in transmission and in holding it in the grids is deeply frightening, if you look into it.  The fragility of those systems is possibly more so.)

===I now live in a rural area. My water is still dependent on electricity.  My well is a fair bit deeper than what I can find in terms of a hand-pump backup.  When the electricity goes out, my well is also effectively unavailable.  This is an issue for most folks, unless they have an old hand-pumped well or a cistern/filtered rain catchment system.  (in the short term, lack of electricity will not take out water service in most cities, as the water is usually kept in those water towers, which provide the pressure needed.  How all that water gets into those water towers is another issue…(grins))

===Most of our rather important systems are based on access to electricity.  Water, food storage….heating and cooling….we design our lives on the assumption that electricity is going to be a constant, and that we can use that constant to change environments rather than designing ways that work with those environments to make things livable.

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