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A nifty link, and a line of conversation that grew from it that is not really related….

by rialian - June 4th, 2011.
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RFD is a reader written journal for gay people which focuses on country living and encourages alternative lifestyles.


===Finding the above actually led to an interesting tangent of conversation, reflecting on how some folks that I have encountered do some of the things I do, but there is little reason to think that they do it BECAUSE they have to compete with me (and vice-versa), while it is painfully obvious that others are doing something because I have done it (or they are trying to impress others with the cool thing they are into…)

===In some things, there is a sort of concurrent evolution…it is something you find a lot in various reasonably-isolated elven groups and individuals.  They TEND to find that they have been doing similar things, and that really is one of the ways you can say that elven is it’s own path. 

===There are others that pick up on something that is the current “cool thing”, and try to wear it as part of their identity.  They take up things because it is how to get accepted, not because it ever pulled them.  (This is different from the ones that see something and say “oh, my…YES.  NEED to work with THAT”….)

===You can usually determine what sort is which by how they go about said activities, and how it feels when they work with it/talk about it.  (This also, of course, goes into internal feedback loops/external feedback loops, and proper relation to both…but that is another post….)

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