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(Raised Eyebrow)

by rialian - June 13th, 2011.
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===Thresholds has passed, and apparently was good for a lot of folks.  Yay.

===It seems there was some drama that someone decided to tack onto me before my event AGAIN. (sighs) Thankfully, a few folks had a chat with the person in question so that I did not need to deal with it.

===So, let me say again….I have general rules for my events.  I have sadly had to put them in place because I have had to deal with people making bad choices, that impact the ecology I am trying to encourage at my events in in my hearth.  If you need to do a power play in my hearth, do not attend.  THIS INCLUDES trying to make that space feel unsafe for someone else.  If you do not respect folks thinking they are otherkin, I would rather you not attend, and may boot you out if you are obnoxious about it.  If you have issues with me, I am running the event because i enjoy the event.  You deciding to attend because you want to flaunt yourself in the idea that I am some “leader” you need to resist….is stupid.  No, really.  Most folks attending are attending because I have actually opened up a space for events, not because I have any power in their lives. A fair number of individuals have a LOT more social power than I do , I just open the space because no one else is so inclined. 

===Which leads to the issues of open and closed access events.  WTT is one of the few events that has survived this long because it has someone that keeps a door open, but requests that folks do not hijack the events with their public display of therapy need.  It takes years to develop an ecology that encourages behavior that is not disruptive.  Totally open events do not seem to develop this sort of ecology.  Neither, interestingly enough, is the “everyone is equal” mindset…mostly due to the problem that that “equality” tends to be “I get to have issues at others, no one else gets to have them, they are obviously not as sane/functional as I” mindset.

===Gatekeepers and Keystones tend to be the lightning rods that draws ire….and that is what I am…a Keystone/Gatekeeper.  That pretty much puts me in the role of the Tori that you cross under, and might associate with safe space….not that which really is telling you what to do.  And I will say…I get a fair bit of graffiti and notes and rants tacked onto me due to this. (chuckles) Thankfully, I tend to self-maintain pretty well, so I am able to keep spaces going.

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