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by rialian - June 16th, 2011.
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===Getting back settled in a bit here at Mithlond…the event was good, (not the best one I have had personally, but it looks to have been really good for a number of folks, which is why I run it, honestly.)

===The earlier post I made on the drama-person was more about my chagrin at how folks interpret what I do and why, than stressing about this sort of person.  I personally do not normally go to things that I know the organizer is not friendly towards me….it is a question of respecting hearth.  You simply do not do such games.  The fact that this person was trying to gather attention to himself to get the host “overruled” in some way is really, really odd.  Personally, I would just start another event, not on the same weekend, and see who comes.  Create something, do not try to whip out your rod and piss in my hearthfire…(chuckles) Elves tend to follow flows, not people.  Folks come to my event because it does something for them, not because of any particular allegiance to me. (chuckles) It has been interesting chatting to a few folks about the perceptions of my being “a leader”…I disagree with the LEVEL some of these folks place my status at, because the overall “social group” can and will run things themselves…often do, and people have a choice in going to this event or that.  I happen to run one hearthspace.  This does not make me the leader….but yes, I do actually get to have rules for attendance at my hearth, whether it be my house or something I run.  How this places me above and beyond anyone else that could run something and invite others to, I have no idea.

===I have had this sort of thing happen before, and it will happen again.  I have had a bunch of folks freak out at me for having standards in regards to folks attending my events, and get really upset that the gathering was not “truly open”. I had several folks decide to attend the event, pretty much to glare at me or to fight my pernicious influence…(and try to get folks to keep me from wearing jewelry….no, I am not joking….). There are a number of sites out there that make some interesting claims about me, which are because I was willing to stand up to their behavior and say “erm…no, you do not get to do this HERE.”.

===There are people that honestly believe that the only people with rights to strut are themselves, that they have an inalienable right to make life difficult for others to make themselves feel better/maintain their identity.  Anyone willing to stand in their way, must be dealt with.

===(chuckles) Meanwhile, Thresholds is still going on, and folks are getting to attend and hopefully not have to deal with them.  If part of that price is that I get to win bottles of blueberry wine for their public displays of stupidity about me?  Oh, I think I will live (quite well, in fact) (GRINS)

===(Edited to add: I should probably note that I actually had no idea about this drama until after the event started, and had not seen the “open letter” until someone made a point to send it to me…mostly out of amusement as they have a slight hobby of collecting the outrageous stories of my mighty power over all, and then having fun teasing me about each one they find.)

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