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rising sun…

by rialian - June 17th, 2011.
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===Currently listening to Irfan …quite nice.

===At this time of year, the sun rises in just the right space of the mountain that it angles exactly right to hit me in the chair I sit in drinking my coffee in the kitchen….and then it is blocked by the trees a bit.  Very nice. It is now misty, as the heavy dew evaporates a bit off the long grass.  It was not misty before the sun rose.

===Today will mostly be a day in the garden, as I need to redo some fencing and neaten things up a bit as we are to have visitors on Sunday.  (I needed to do more spot weeding as it is, as the second wave of planting needs to be started up.  The more entertaining issue will be the fencing, as the grass between the fences has gotten rather high, and needs to be trimmed…..which is fine on one side to do, but the poison ivy has gotten thick on the side where the beehives are.  I will likely be simply smother-mulching that side.)

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