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Morning and coffee….(and schedulings)

by rialian - June 22nd, 2011.
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===Ok…looking at the weekends, I am still checking a few things before I set the Mithlond Weekend date.  I am inclined to go for the mid-month rather than the end of the month of July (although I can be swayed…).  I assume that most folks would not want it to be the weekend just before the 4th of July, as I suspect many have family plans.  I do have a pull to do it the 16th-17th, but I am noting that some folks would like it towards the end of the month (and I have not seen those folks in years, so they do get a bit more weight in my planning (grins)

===Looking ahead, I will try to have the August one to be mid-month….I will be deciding between the 13-14 and the 20-21st.  (might not do the latter, as my family might want to do something for my 9-months-after-conception day, which is that Friday) (edit to add: hrm…there might be an interesting event the 13th of August I might look at attending….will need to check that out, and schedule things appropriately…)

===As for possible activities I am planning?  I am due to make another mead…..and I do want to get a crafting thing done as well, I think…hrm….possibly get the loom strung up and something started. (seeing as I have one, and have yet to learn/use said loom, and it has been nudging my brain to use it…(grins) We shall see. 

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