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“When you’re up in the rigging, don’t rest both feet on the same line.”

by rialian - June 23rd, 2011.
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===Just a great line that someone quoted in their blog, and it sang right…(grins) (it is apparently from
A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffet.)

===I do not do a whole lot with boat imagery, (I am a bit more of the ecology mythos myself….spiders and fungi and webs of relation), but this rigging one is timely, and I can work with it.

===I recently had a line slip on me….possibly several.  I explored a bit of a thread, and then apparently had it throw me when I stepped on it at the wrong time.  Honestly, I am not sure where that line is now….but at least I know now not to step there. I know to not have that as a load-bearing part of the rigging of the boat of my life.  Perfectly fine to have them aboard, (and hopefully will have those threads in my life…I rather like them.), but I cannot trust my weight to those lines. 

===To get away from the boat imagery (I like boats, but I am far more a forest creature….) My wife and I have discussed my relation to various social gestalts and groups, and we have an understanding of it. : I am not really a member of any, but more a “visiting dignitary”.  Problems arise when I forget that relation point, or the system decides that I have to have a formal place in their structure.  It is one of the reasons I do not join groups, really….and that I avoid formalization as a gear of social connections.

===That does seem to be one of the defining aspects of being elven, honestly…we all seem to be more of the “visiting dignitary” sort when it comes to most social structures and relationships, and things get wierd when things get formalized. Even our “formality” is the sort that proper visitors have for another’s space. (a thought I should return to, I suspect….)

===Ah, well…it is now time to get some things done about the hearth and land….and be happy with the lines that let me know they are about. (chuckles) (Some visiting dignitaries send nifty cards in the mail….I just got one really nice one and it helped recalibrate some things for me.  I will probably start using my typewriter to send out similar correspondence to honor that bit. (grins)

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