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Fine authors, awful internet (inter)face.

by rialian - June 24th, 2011.
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===So, I have seen a slight bit of the most recent Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) fiasco. 

===This is yet another case of folks that should not be interacting on the internet. 

===I draw attention to this (found when looking at the most recent incident): scott_adams_sock_puppetry_scandal

===I have seen this dynamic before.  For those familiar with Robin Artisson, I am certain that you are having flashes of recognition of this sort of behavior. (for those not familiar, Artisson is a rather well known individual in pagan internet circles…in that his behavior online is JUST LIKE THIS….but with more sock puppets.)

===He also happens to be an excellent author, that I will suggest that folks read because his stuff is actually worth reading. I have several of his books, and I really like them….

===It is almost like there is a total disconnect in personalities.  The side that produces wonderful stuff (The Dilbert comic/Artisson’s various books) is NOT the person/persona that inhabits the internet.  I suspect these people are actually fine in person as well.

===Then you get them on the internet, and it is like they decided to let the inner twit take over that part of their lives.  It is like they are full people everywhere else, but have them interact with the internet, and the “Id” is the part of their soul that links in. All their personality when on the internet funnels through that. 

===So, I can read Dilbert and I can read Artisson’s stuff, and have a great appreciation that they are out there…(although it remains to be seen if Adams can keep the online person from taking over the artist person…Artisson has so far proved that they ARE different, and I raise a glass his direction for that), but greatly dislike the person they are online.

2 Responses to Fine authors, awful internet (inter)face.

  1. Interesting observation.

  2. As an astrologer, there are a few authors that I like reading their work but are just awful in real life – I cannot imagine what they would be like online!  Interesting enough, one of these astrologer authors (who will remain nameless for the purpose of this post) doesn’t seem to practice what he preaches – and there is a theory going around that he plagiarized material from other astrologers and due to his connections, published it as his own.  Strange world we live in, huh Rialian? ;-)

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