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by rialian - July 1st, 2011.
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===Just got introduced to this: squareup.com…have signed up for it to test it out.

===I occasionally do tarot readings for folks, and this might be a nice thing to have available when I need it.  I have written them to ask about some things in their rules….it has the usual verbage about not using it for things like gambling and such, but it also mentions the occult….which I have to ask what their definition is.  Hopefully, a tarot reader can be aloud to use this. (or my friends that make interesting jewlery….etc..) It looks pretty solid for “regular crafters”…I will let folks know if I find out anything about some of us more “fringe” sorts.

===EDIT TO ADD: got a response….:
“Thanks for writing in! Defining occult itself can often be challenging since it often becomes a “I know it when I see it” scenario, but the type of business you are in is low risk. Given all your transactions will (likely) be in person with the card present, the risk should be minimal and we have no reason to restrict your type of business”

===I would say that this works for me. (chuckles)

===(I got top see the hardware and software last night…it is very nice, and portable.)

===I was out much of the day today….had to go see my new nephew.  Those folks that know me on F’book…please no mention there, my brother and his wife are not fans of F’book, and have no wish to have any mention of this there. (they have F’book for a few things, but RARELY mention anything there, and have actually said nothing about the pregnancy there….(chuckles) I am their official “crazy uncle (my name here)”.

===And now….off to get some things done around here.  Have a great evening!

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