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by rialian - July 4th, 2011.
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===I just got back in from picking up some potting soil, and rescued 3 muscadine grape vines and a peach tree.  I will be amending the cheap potting soil (which is really just a light top-soil-ish thing) with rabbit manure and worm compost.

===Planting the new batch of potatoes today, in a “potato tower” setup nearer to the house.  I am learning from my neighbors and local friends travails, and using peat moss for this rather than straw…as the ground-bees apparently REALLY like nesting around potatoes in straw.  (the peat moss is something I have been meaning to use, and this is a great way to get the next beds processed and ready for the winter plantings.)


===Still plotting out the next Mithlond Weekend…it is very much looking to be the last weekend in July.  the “formal” announcement will be made by mid-week, I think.  As always, the Mithlond weekends are not an “open” event.  Drop me a line, and I will tell you if the mix of folks attending will work out.  If you want to bring a friend, check with me first.  I will most likely say it is fine….but I like to know who is going to be in my house. 

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