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It is evening….

by rialian - July 6th, 2011.
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===Today was mostly spent getting things done so that my father’s truck would pass inspection and come to my domicile. It is now here, it is huge, and is likely to be only used to haul things we need…as it is indeed a huge thing that gets not the best gas mileage this side of a hummer….though I do have reason to believe it is both more useful and more efficient than a hummer.

===Our chickens have come of age, and we have 4 hens, 2 roosters.  I can say this is the case as I found 4 eggs today.  They are smaller than usual, as is to be expected from their first eggs.  They will be probably breakfast tomorrow, as is the path of many a proto-chicken homunculi encased in calcium carbonate.

===(it has been a long day….my sense of humor is in one of those odd places. 

===And now, a word from Australia, land of rampaging marsupials of doom…
The mighty Wombat that roams the wilds….

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