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by rialian - July 7th, 2011.
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===Ok, it looks like I got lucky and got both my regularly used names into google+ (the name you see here, and my regular people interaction name….(chuckles) If you are there, feel free to find me.  I decided to do both, as there multiple communities I interact with, that simple filters on one account does not cover well.

===I will still be posting mainly to my own blog, with cross-posts to LJ (and some things solely to LJ and DW), but I have been hoping for another linking platform that was a bit more intelligently run than Facebook.  G+ looks to be the answer to how to get information about to a lot of folks, and to be able to filter folks reasonably well, over to places that you want them to see.  G+ might actually be a good thin for the “social networking ecosystem”, where I find Facebook has not been so good.  We will see.

===It is good to have out there, but I also like having a blog on a server that I have a bit more control in my dealings with, and will probably be letting folks know on the G+ blog when updates have happened here, rather than mirroring content.  I happen to like the wordpress-based blog, and the community of folks on LJ and DW.

===Oh, a tech note.  For those folks using Iceweasel, or are having issues with your firefox-based browser “not being supported”…download the Firefox Useragent switcher, and then go HERE.  This has made me able to use my main browser with G+.

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