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by rialian - July 9th, 2011.
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===Yes, I have an active Google + account….and I still plan on using my other blogs. (grins) I will likely be notifying folks on G+ when I post here by a quick note there….but this will still be where my main stuff will be. (some mirroring to the LJ and DW…)

===Today, we are mainly getting ready for some guests tomorrow…I am taking the recycling out to the drop-off place, and picking up a chicken from some friends…(not butchering my own yet….). 

===Possibly looking at getting back into my old job field…still deciding if I really am up for it, as it does take a LOT to do…but I was REALLY good at it.  (foster care work, for those that do not know me in person) We shall see. 

===I have not forgotten about the post I was going to write more on (the “visiting dignitary” one…I am exploring a few more aspects of some current situations, their relation to past interactions with unrelated factors, and seeing what else informs my understandings….)

===The chickens are teasing me…they laid 4 the first day, and now only two are producing…As it is still early in their lives of production, this is to be expected..(it can take a few weeks to get regular in this regard)

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