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by rialian - July 11th, 2011.
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===First, a link to my favorite type of coffee maker: Vacuum Pots

===This morning sees me gearing up a bit in my head to start working on the process of possibly getting a new job.  The local social services are hiring, and it has been a while since I had the option to get back into this field…one I was REALLY good at.

===Of course, if the timing happens as it might, should I get the job….it will mean a lot less free time for a while, and I will likely not be able to attend events except for the weekend bits and evenings if they are close by (such as the upcoming CTT…thankfully, I only semi-run that event, and I should have leave by the time that WTT rolls around.)

===The position will be rather close to here….so I would be able to keep things going around here as well.  Not bad at all.  (I have an interview this week….(grins))

===I have missed my old professional work…the populations I have been working with for the past 10 years have been interesting, but I was really good at getting families to work on their issues and I had a rather high success rate in foster care reunification and permanency planning (when reunification was not a good idea/not possible).

===Even if I do not get the position, it feels like things are moving in a good direction. (grins) Options are opening up, that work with my long-term goals.

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