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by rialian - July 15th, 2011.
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So, I have glanced in on an ongoing chat in an LJ, which is really about just teasing Nick Mamatas for kicks….but this one has brought up some interesting issues I look at in general conversation.

===A lot of people use the term “fuck” as an expletive….I know I do on occasion when not thinking about it.  This is not about that, but more about how the spin of language is used, and what it represents.  Expletives used as a sudden reaction to something is learned, something that is a bit different than when used in longer-form communications.

===I tend to get a bit twitchy when I hear folks talk about (fill in the blank person), and then say “fuck them” or that they are “butthurt”, or whatever other sexual reference is used.  The rather clear and obvious inference is that sex IS appropriately used to degrade another person…and that sex IS degrading is part of that mental construct.

===I happen to like having sex.  I consider sharing oneself with another a beautiful thing.  Why would anyone want to link this with violence and degradation of someone else is a fair bit beyond me.

===(As I posted to Will Shetterly’s LJ, I do not think that the person he is arguing with is homophobic, I think his underlying social belief is that sex can and should be used as a tool to degrade others.  I think Will knows this too…I think he is just having fun really running this guy into a tizzy.  (Yes, I am aware that the person he is teasing is the one that wrote the infamous article on otherkin “elven like me” so many years ago.  It is kinda sad to see how he has developed into such a nasty human being….especially as I have some respect for a few of the folks that know him in person and like him.  I have strong suspicions he may be yet another person that is a perfectly good quality human being, when not influenced by the internet asshole personality mod, like I talked about earlier in : Fine authors, awful internet (inter)face. )

===Edited to add: This also has nothing to do with various people’s kinks of BDSM or whatnot. What consenting adults do with each other?  Not my issue.  I am much more discussing how folks use language, and the assumptions/social ecology such things reflect.

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