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Mithlond Weekend Approaching…

by rialian - July 16th, 2011.
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===August 29, 30, and 31st…folks are welcome to begin showing up around 5:30 or 6 on the 29th,

===I am still planning out what activities might be happening….I know there will be a trip into town on Sunday, as I have my Dulcimer lesson, and the Farmers Market happens at that time.  The farmers market has awesome stuff, and for plant-oriented folks, we have a great live herb plants vendor there. (I got my Mandrake from them, for example….)

===I might have the archery range up by then….it is coming up upon Pensic, so I have not gotten to sit down with the folks i am learning to make arrows from to make a full set.  I also have to make a proper hight target for the throwing of knives and axes. (hey, we all have hobbies.  I happen to like nonviolent use of weapons that do not make loud noises…)

===I MAY have the table loom set up by then as well. 

===We should warn folks that we now have felines in both sides of the house, which is a change from the last time we ever had Mithlond Weekend.  Maeve is still being integrated with the rest of the feline household, so she is still in the kitchen/loft side of the house.  Some folks have, in the past, camped out near-ish to the house….this is certainly an option…we have a lot of woods and open spaces.  (I will eventually have a yurt for such events…for one, I LIKE yurts, and it would be nice to have an outside the house-but sheltered and home-y space for folks to be in in case of weather/needs for private space.)

===We now have the chickens producing, and if folks let me know a bit ahead of time, I can make sure I save enough eggs for folks to get some. I should have some fresh zuchinni and squash, and possibly watermelon.  (I have been valiantly combating the squash bugs, and so far have been doing well in taking them out by hand before they do much damage.) No rabbit meat for the carnivores as of yet…but I do have a source for some really good chicken.

===As always, donations for food things are much appreciated (as in, bring things or just donate some funds….if you are traveling a bit, I have no problem picking things up this way.)

===Time to get the hearth space back up and open for folks….I am looking forward to it.

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