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Not a bad weekend, overall…

by rialian - July 18th, 2011.
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===I got most of the paperwork I needed to get done, done. (sending off some stuff that needs to be hardcopy today…we got ink for the printer, after we finally remembered that we needed it and had the information with us to get it.  I di wish they designed computer printers these days to just need ink,not weird little cartridges.

===Ah, well…

===Anyway, things are going well here at Mithlond.  I got the comfrey plant in a pot separated out into multiple plants, in different pots. (I am going to get these up to speed, then plant them in about a month in a few places.) Comfrey is perhaps the favorite treat/supplement I give to the rabbits.  They run up to get their leaf.

===I actually chatted at length with a friend on the phone yesterday…and it was a very good thing.  (I have a cell phone and a landline….but I really do not like talking on the phone for long under most circumstances.  I just do not get the added aspects of feedback from a phone conversation, and when the sound does odd things like a lot of the cell phones/skype does? (It is like something of the voice is stripped out, and it makes it harder for me to really interact with.  Last night was one of those times it did not do this.)

===This week is looking to be a warm one….so I will likely be keeping to the shade and the cooler places during the day.  I have more research to do on getting my loom threaded up right and to get that going….I have plenty to do while it is rather to hot for me to be risking the heat.

===Oh, and I have an essay or three to get up as well…(chuckles)

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