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In the heat…..

by rialian - July 21st, 2011.
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===For the first: The website for Crossing the Thresholds 7 has been updated!.

===I am rather pleased with the folks that have picked up the slack that developed with my being (possibly) unavailable for the daytime hours of Thursday and Friday, and apparently the co–organizers scheduling issues falling during the same time.  I will be presenting (working on developing an appropriate workshop).

===I MAY be there the entire time…with the position I am going for, it can take a few months to get all things in order, but best to not set up last-minute issues to go boom if they suddenly decide that they need me at the very same moment that the event opens up.

===In other news…it is rather warm.  This narrator of his own life is staying out of the heat, as he is not designed for stifling warmth that will feel like it is over 110 degrees F (Yes, I use Fahrenheit, not Celsius.  It is what I grew up with, and I am not great in translating them across to one another,) Thankfully, the house is well designed, and I do not expect to use the air conditioner until a bit later in the day, when the western sun warms us up a bit more than the morning and early afternoon does. I actually suspect in the next few years this effect will get less intense, as the forest to the west grow back.

===As it gets warmer, I will be putting ice in with the rabbits to help them deal with the heat.  Rabbits are fine with cold temperatures, but heat is not good for them at all.

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