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by rialian - July 21st, 2011.
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==Oh, good…I have been looking for videos of someoen working with a loom like mine:

Weaving on the Schacht Table Loom

===Mine is based on this design…some differences, such as mine being a fair bit larger, but this will be a great help in learning how to use it.  ((I have a fondness for hand-woven things, and I have been wanting to learn how to do this for years.))

===This is actually how we do things….We find something of interest, obtain a version of what we want to learn…and then have it about until the fact it is THERE drives us into actually working with it.  We do not like things sitting around gathering too much dust.  Sometimes, you just have to do the outlay and get something, then have it there, ready for when it pretty much drives you to use it. (I had the hammer dulcimer for about 6 months to a year until we actually started the lessons.  That has worked out well, and I have every belief that the time for the loom has come.)

===I have a few friends that are spinning and knitting geeks.  Sadly, they work mostly with wool..(which I react to a bit.) I plan to see about obtaining/growing things like flax.and trying out different natural fibers.  This of course probably means I will need to learn to spin.  Home industry….it beckons….(chuckles)

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