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Nothing quite like extremes to tell you something about design needs…

by rialian - July 22nd, 2011.
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===This heat has been educational…and not in the best of ways.

===The extreme heat we are experiencing took out one of my rabbits yesterday (she was a large one, and did not want to stay near the icepack in her cage setup.), and I lost a chicken this morning (looks like she had gone to lay eggs in the nesting area, and the other chickens may have crowded her a bit…and she overheated.)

===The rabbits are now inside, and the chickens are getting their coop sprayed down intermittently.

===One of the things I have figured out is whywe get so warm after 4 p.m.  For most of the day, I am under shade here….as are the rabbits and the chickens.  The slope and valley to our west got clear-cut a number of years ago, before we bought the place.  What appears to be happening is that the sun gets over there, and really heats up the air on that side…it rolls up the slope, and heat gets caught up UNDER the treecover.  Then the sun is coming in under the tree-line as it goes further west, and it heats us up a bit more.  The heat was not that bad until evening…and now I know why.

===So, changes in placement of things.  Rabbits and chickens will be on the eastern side of the house, where this effect is mitigated by a forested valley aspect, and better heat loss.  I already know where i am going to put the structures in. 

===There will also be a winter setup, that will be a combination greenhouse with coop/possible rabbitry in the field that gets good sun during the winter.

===This is all part of the permaculture mindset…get a feel for what your climate does, and work with it.  I am only really sorry that I lost two animals to the climate issues.

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