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Mithlond weekend….this upcoming weekend.

by rialian - July 24th, 2011.
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===Things are still “go”: we have actually decided to put the air conditioners in due to to the heat that invaded the area this past week, and will be keeping them in case they are needed.

===For those that need internet (due to emergencies/work-ish things) , we do have DSL now, so it is rather stable.

===We will have fresh eggs, as the chickens are actually producing a bit better now, for some reason. 

===I have ordered a few things I needed for getting the loom started up, and hopefully we will get the loom set up this week.  (We ordered the yarn I wanted, and a special hook for threading the heddles and the reed.)

===There will be an excursion on Sunday into town to go to the various shops and the farmers market, if folks so desire.

===I have at least one definite, several “possibles”.  Let me know if you are coming!  I am not sure when the August one will be as of yet: I will get that up after this one.  If you have a weekend suggestion, let me know, and I will see what we have in the scheduling here to work things out!

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