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Mithlond Weekend postponed…and other things!

by rialian - July 29th, 2011.
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===Indeed, we are re-scheduling…while seeing the one person that did not have scheduling issues would have been wonderful, it is not quite the “reconnect/hang with cool folks at Mithlond” weekend that could have been.  So I will be scheduling for the re-start of the regular event in August, and will post up when we choose that weekend to be.

===I am currently figuring out my Turkish drop spindle for spinning my own yarn…We have misplaced the spindle I had gotten for Helen a while back, so I decided on a whim to stop by the farm/shop of the folks I had gotten it from.  They had the Turkish one about….they are pretty much out of business, but have some of the old stuff left about.  (She had been doing ok for a bit, but when the economy decided to go down a bit, less folks coming for antiquing that were buying her yarns made it untenable.) We will probably be chatting more on things permaculture and weaving in the future…

===I will hopefully be getting the truck back today…I was supposed to have it yesterday, went over to get it…and thankfully I asked what he thought of the belts (which I had been concerned about.) They were bad, but this mechanic is the sort that does not add stuff onto your bill, and said I should replace them, but if I am only driving about for a short bit…it should be fine.  The truck is for hauling things like manure and sawdust and such for the garden…so the belts are getting done.  (Nice mechanic, though.  He actually fixes the part that needs to be done, rather than replacing the entire assembly of things to get some extra money.  Unfortunately, this also means that he might not replace something just this side of dead if it does not absolutely NEED to be done right this moment.  I prefer his sort to the ones that will be more than happy to add to your bill….)

===Also today, I will be picking up a locally-bred Nuc…(a Nuc is a mini-hive of bees, already going strong and ready to be put into a hivebody to get up and go.) I wanted to have at least 2 hives to go into the winter, and there is a good chance that this autumn will have a reasonable nectar flow in our area to get the hive up to snuff before the winter.

===it looks like it will be a hot day…putting ice in with the rabbits, and they are in a cooler area away from where the heat was building up under the trees from the cut down the hill….

===I need to work on my workshop for CTT..I might or might not be on site early, (depending on work issues), but I will be there, and I have been asked quite nicely to have something good to present on. (grins)

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