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by rialian - July 29th, 2011.
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===Ok…if I ever need more bees, I am getting them as Nucs…(Nucleus hives)

===I just had the best experience I have ever had with a hive install.  There is a breeder reasonably local to me, who breeds Russians that he is adapting to the area.  I just got a nuc from him…5 frames of bees and brood, and a queen. 

===This was the happiest group of bees I have ever dealt with.  We were in the bee yard, they had no problems at all with the frames being lifted up and examined, as we made sure where the queen was….were fine being put into the cardboard nuc for transport, and they were fine when I got them here, pulled out the frames, and put them in the new hive.  Not a head-butt by a bee, not a sting, not even any complaint.  I probably would not have needed gloves or the veil, they were that relaxed.  We did not need to use a smoker at his beeyard, and no need to use one here.  The hive is now happily buzzing away by my Medlar tree.

===If I need to get more bees next year, to increase my beeyard…definitely getting this guys bees in nuc hive format.

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