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Summon rain…

by rialian - August 3rd, 2011.
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===I am glad for the rain, but it highly amuses me that we have been so very dry for a while now (with one good thunderstorm the other day)…and it decides to be rainy the day we are replacing our culvert.

===The one we have in now is about 16 inches, and plastic.  It carries the water that comes down the mountain in a small seasonal creek, which is dry now.  When it is running, it is pretty impressive, and it brings branches and leaves down off the mountain and clogs badly when the branches catch. 

===The new one is 2 sections (that will interlink) of 36 (ish) inches wide by 24 high oval concrete culvert.  We got them yesterday (my neighbor up the road does contracting work, and has the needed equipment to transport them, and today was goign to be the day to dig out the old one and lay in the new one.  That will not be happening, as it is raining and was may get heavy thunderstorms today.

===Ah, well…off to get ducks!

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