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The not so gentle art of Satire

by rialian - January 9th, 2011.
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===Ah, Satire….

===A friend pointed out 5 Satirists Attacked by People Who Totally Missed the Point to me.  Proper satire is actually something actually dear to my heart…I see it so very rarely.

===I was especially gladdened to read the final bit of this article, where Gladstone says:

(…speaking about Rubberbandit, saying that they (and others) are:)
“Proving that while there will always be satirists out there, spitting out merely mean-spirited sarcasm for the main point of proving how smart they think they are, some still use satire for a larger point and are willing to bear the brunt of the thickheaded for our amusement and a cause.”

===Satire is not really about just mocking someone.  It is about making a larger point, If we take something to the extreme, what does it say about the assumptions made in thinking the (supposedly) less extreme are reasonable?  Swift did this beautifully, and “A Modest Proposal” is is one of my favorite pieces. 

===It tends to be very multi-layered, where the source of the inspiration is indeed commented on, but the commentary transcends just that example.  Folks KNOW what inspired it, but good satire is commenting more on mindsets and behaviors, not just the most recent example. When you read Swift (for example) Yes, he is commenting on current events. But his commentary goes well beyond just the example, and comments on the sort of society that the behaviors lead to.  Good satire acts as the proper Fool, telling us the sorts of people we are being.

===I will definitely be writing more on this, including my own understandings of folks like Penn and Teller and John Stewart….whose existence makes me a happier person indeed. (even if I do not watch television…(chuckles)

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