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Snakes!  In A Crepe!

by rialian - August 8th, 2011.
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===Ok, today has been one of those days…

===I started the day by making crepes.  I made some very nice crepes, using my very nice cast iron pan that is perfect for making such things.

===I got a few things I needed to do, done.  I was about to go over to my neighbors to go help them get ready for some guests.

===I stop to check up on the rabbits.  Top cage?  All is fine and good.

===Middle cage?  All is fine and good.

===Bottom cage?  Snake body sticking out of nesting bin.

===Glance….that is not a black snake. 


===Oh, that is a rather large rattlesnake.  Time to get proper equipment.

===Proper equipment easily at hand is a Stirrup Hoe and a Machette. (Sword is upstairs, the axe is a bit further away than I would like.) I return to the cage, note in passing that the rabbit looks like she had been messing with the food bin, which loads from the outside of the cage, and dislodged it from the inside enough to let the snake have egress.  Not good.
I open the cage, and get the snake out with the hoe.  I dispatch the 4 foot+ snake with reasonable speed.

===Which is when I note a rattle a slight bit behind me and towards the house.  Oh, joy, an equally large snake that I suspect was the mate.  My mind says “glad I did not think “clever girl”, as that is NOT the ending I want for this adventure.”  It is time to use the stirrup hoe, and have a bit of a dance with that serpent.  It decides that it wants to go try to go back towards the front steps, and go over and under the planter with the sweet ivy in it.  I eventually pin it and dispatch it as well.

===Snakes dealt with for the moment, I check about (no more snakes), and check the damage.  Harmony (the new mother rabbit) has taken about 7 strikes, and is dying.  I am wondering why they decide to wait until I get there to twitch to the end (this happened with the heat-stroke rabbit as well), and 2 of her babies are no longer alive.  3 left.  I clean things up, and put the various bodies in the back freezer.  (I now have the two animals that died of the heatwave back there, and now 2 snakes, 2 baby rabbits, and one more large rabbit….)

===I decided to go to town to get formula in case I cannot get the surviving girl to foster the 3 just-opening-eyes rabbits. 

===This is, of course, when i get my paperwork notice that I am eligible to get that temporary social services license.  So I go to town (in this case, the town that is 45 minutes away), drop off the paperwork, get the supplies needed, and return home.

===Now, it is time to deal with the snakes.  I have now cleaned them, saved the skins, and have the meat in the freezer.

===I will be making Snakes!  In a Crepe!…because this is simply the proper way to acknowledge my day. (I am freezing the meat for a few days just to be cautious…)

===So this is how my day has been.

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