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Non-Euclidean Piping outside my door…

by rialian - August 10th, 2011.
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===So, I picked up 6 guinea fowl keets (6 week old birds) last night.

===I had not expected quite the morning concert, which sounds like there are multiple instances of the “Psycho” theme playing.  The peeping sounds like it can open up gates between worlds, and I am hopign that whatever might do so, is friendly to us. (chuckles)

===it is impressive.  And they are only 6 weeks old.

===Very sweet birds, though.  We got 3 pairs, one set “Coral Blue”, one set “Royal Purple”, and one set “Grey”.  Not sure of genders as of yet.  They have already proven they like eating ticks, as I found one on me, and then it was gone into the gullet of one of the keets.

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