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by rialian - August 24th, 2011.
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===Apparently there was an earthquake yesterday.  I was driving in the DC area, and did not feel it.  My theory is that the earthquake was visiting others, and decided to not bother me while I was doing errands.  I can appreciate the thoughtfulness.  (chuckles)

===Currently getting things cleaned up around here for Mithlond Weekend…For those with allergies, I am afraid we do not have a properly set up cat free area. We had hoped to have an area set up for our friends with allergies, but it looks like we cannot pull that off as of yet.  (What I need to do is get that planed Yurt together so that I can have a comfy outside-but-not space for people.  Get a nice wood stove going in the center, it would be a wonderful autumnal gather-space.)

===Hoping to get to help some folks with building some pallet-coops this week, so I can learn how to do it and make some for here.  They looked like a good way to make structures for the chickens and rabbits for the coming winter.

===So…I need to take the old culvert (plastic) to the transfer station, get the autumn plantings done (I picked up some plants for the close-to-house gardens to transition them to fall.), tracking down a few materials we need for the mulching projects (I really need to boost the organic materials in the soils here, and I am going to be stacking as much manure and straw/hay in the mid–part of the main garden as I can, and if I get the bales I am hoping to get, start getting the windbreaks up for the coming winter for the hives. 

===But first…coffee. 

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