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Quiet morning…thoughts on book boycotts

by rialian - August 31st, 2011.
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===First, a reading link: Eric Flint commenting on a letter from someone about boycotting Harlan Ellison

===This came from else-blog where someone was discussing authors with good writing, but problematic public beliefs/politics. (Such as the unfortunate aspects of Sanderson, Card, and McCaffrey) (Ok, I have not really gone for Card since Enders Game trilogy, and nothing by McCaffrey since the The White Dragon….hrm, no, might have read a bit later than that, I think I read up to the one they found the computer in, and thought that perhaps it …)..

===Personally?  I have a dislike for calls to boycott books or authors.  I do not particularly read some folks, but it is usually more that I do not like what they write, not because of their beliefs.  Some folks writing transcends their politics or places of broken.  I might not want to hang out with them (ever), but I will read their books.  Some folks I like their books, I like them,…but dislike how they are online.

===We will not get into too much of my feelings on failfandom at the moment, though their behavior often makes me remember that there are activists for justice, and activists for vengeance….and many of the folks into boycots are failing to make the world a better place because vengeance tactics do nothing but show you dislike someone…it does nothing to show how to do things better.  (The best solution is to show the alternative result and how that manifestation is better.)

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