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Morning….Labor Day edition…/Just before CTT

by rialian - September 5th, 2011.
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===First, a link:


===Looks like it has some nifty stuff, but it does commit the “crime” of using too much bandwith inappropriately.  Seriously….to many gadgets and minipages hovering in main pages, that take away (for me, at least) from what they are trying to say and do.  Even for someone with reasonably high speed internet, it is cludgy.  Some interesting stuff to look through, though.  (I REALLY dislike the pop-up-ish picture format that they use when you click on a picture.  Facebook and G+ use it as well, and it is really maddening to deal with.  Open it in a new tab or something….does this way of presentation actually WORK for anyone?)

===Right now drinking my coffee, as I was actually up at 4 this morning, checked the animals, and then went back to rest for a bit.  Gearing up for the week, which has Crossing the Thresholds occurring within it (grins).  It looks like it may be a bit damp, but I suspect it will go quite well.

===This is the first year I am not the main organizer for it…it had looked like I might be just starting work the week of it, so I had let my co-organiser know.  She arranged for other people to run it.  I fully approve of these people. (grins). 

===For those wondering…Yes, WTT and CTT will continue.  We will see if the current crew of folks running CTT want to continue after this, but if they do not, I will do what I can to keep it going.  The main blip this year was that I might not be able to to be on site for two of the days…as it stands, I will be there (I am making sure a few folks can make it out, actually…)

===Need to plot out my designs for the pallet-hood hutch and coop for the animals…(chuckles)

==+And with that, off to get some things done, before going off to make arrows this evening.

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