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Cooped up? (An adventure in Pallet form…)

by rialian - October 7th, 2011.
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===It has been a busy bit of time…almost done building my chicken coop out of pallets, in between activities like watching children for friends and such….

===Using pallets for building needed structures is nifty.  My carpentry skills as they are currently leave something to be desired, and I need to get shelters built for my various animals and better spaces for storing my firewood….and I need it to be something I can afford. ‘

===Enter pallets. 

===Possibly the best site on this sort of thing is here: The Pallet Wood Shed, just showing a few things folks have been making with pallets.

===From what I have been able to find (and have confirmed with the pallets I have been using, at least), most are not pressure treated in the United States, they are heat-treated.  (there is no point in pressure-treating them, it costs more for something that they only use a few times and then get rid of).  This works well for my needs, as I do not want too many chemicals around my animals.  The cost is reasonable…the coop I am building will use 24 pallets, at a dollar a piece, about 15 thin cinder blocks (to keep the base off the ground), and some recovered metal roofing.

===I have a few more things to get (such as more hinges and possibly more screws), but the end is in sight.

===Once I am done with all this, I will get some pictures up.

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