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So far, so good…a fine Autumnal flow…

by rialian - October 15th, 2011.
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===Well, it has been an active one, and it has been an active one for a number of folks I know.  I am not really up for going into my own metaphysic thoughts on it as of yet, other than to say it seems to be one of long-standing issues coming to a head that are in your face to deal with.

===May all folks deal with those things with as much grace as they can.


===Around here, I have been trying my hand at building structures with pallets.  My results have been…mixed.  I will have workable structures before the serious cold hits.

===My original doe rabbit has produced a new litter, and they seem to be doing well.  I am counting 6 in this litter, but I have not pulled them out to do a thorough check of them all.  I have to get another full set of hutches done, partially for this batch, and partially for some new ones that a friend is getting to me in a month…one or two Flemish Giants to work with and see how they do for breeding.

===I spent most of today down in the general DC area…did not get down to the Occupy DC, as I was helping my brother’s family move their household.  That move is going well, but there is still a lot to do in the house they are moving into.  (very nice house, will do much better for them than the last one did….but it is definitely needing the work they are putting into it. The end result of all this will be an excellent home for them to raise a family in.)

=== I will possibly swing by the rumored Occupy Martinsburg event if it occurs, as I will doubtless be in the area sometime next week as it is.  (As you may guess, I fully support the idea of actually drawing unavoidable attention to the rather toxic relationship that corporations are having on the government.  Seriously…it boggles me to hear folks say they want corporations and businesses to run government.  They would rather have people they do not elect rule them, who only answer to the profit margin rather than to the needs of everyone that lives on the land?  Wow…(shakes head)

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