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I have been…Kittened.

by rialian - October 24th, 2011.
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===So, I was driving along a back country road to get to a hardware shop.  Some reasonably large animal (bigger than a squirrel or a groundhog, smaller than a deer) does a damned good attempt at making sure I see it from a reasonable distance…so I slow down.  It is a rather large cat, about the size of a large Norweigan Forest Cat (I had one of those…they are a large cat.) It makes sure I have slowed down, then comes out in front and drops a kitten off in front of me.  I get out of the car, it runs off.

===The kitten comes right to me, and wants affection.  The mother is long gone…I saw her in the distance, still moving through the trees, not responding to the kitten or to me, clearing the next hill.

===I have been kittened.  It is a beautiful short hair cream tortie. 

===My life can be a bit odd at times.  I would like to note that I am not used to a mother cat flagging down my car, and giving me a kitten.

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  1. Maybe it wasn’t a mother cat at all. Maybe it was a mother ship. or maybe it was a ghost.  She’s more of a tabby than a cream tortie, though she does have the same faint smudges of a cream color on some areas of the grey.  Beautiful cat.

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