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Snow for Hallows…

by rialian - October 29th, 2011.
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===Well, just about Hallows.  As folks on the East Coast are noting, we have snow.  Just in time for my Anniversary. (chuckles)

===I just barely got things to a place that they could be considered ready for this.  I have the coop chicken-habitable…still have some improvements to make, but for this storm, it is good enough.  (I need to add more windows, and get the run done so that they will be able to go out when there is weather happening. ) I got the quick-hoops up just before the snow weather was coming in…(great link here http://www.waldeneffect.org/blog/Quick_hoops_protect_fall_tomatoes/….read this one as well: http://www.waldeneffect.org/blog/Cold_frames_vs._quick_hoops/ ).  Sadly,I snapped the bolt cutters I borrowed from my neighbor…I have spikes to connect my conduit to that I was making my hoops with, but one side needed the heads cut off.  I got…most…of the spikes trimmed.  However, the hoops are doing well.

====I also have been gifted a fine Flemmish Giant rabbit, which was just bred the other day with another Flemmish Giant.  Now, these are HUGE rabbits, and can get to be 42 inches long and 17 pounds or so.  The usually stick around 10-12 pounds.  They are a good meat and fur rabbit…so I am quite pleased.

===I also got 4 new chickens from someone that needed to have theirs taken off their hands.  Nice birds, sadly they had their beaks trimmed when they were younger.  The beaks are growing back, but the beak-clipping was a bad thing, and they are slower in eating and are noticeably smaller than my full-beaked birds.  I think they will do fine…the snow cooping all the chickens up together may actually be a really good thing for them integrating in.

===I am really glad we got our firewood in when we did…the house is nice and warm, the stove is going well…and I have coffee and fresh english muffins. (grins)

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