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by rialian - November 10th, 2011.
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===Finally found something I wanted to have running on the laptop for a while…I decided to test out Sabayon Linux , and I have to say I am rather pleased with the results.  it takes a while to install (it is based off of Gentoo Linux…so it compiles a lot of the programs to suit your computer hardware), it takes a bit longer to boot than CrunchBang did…but the programs run a lot faster and more smoothly, and they are completely current.  I do not have to use a tool to “trick” things like g+ into thinking I had the most recent Firefox. 

===If you decide to try it out, I would definitely recommend Replace NM with WICD for your wireless.  For some reason, networkmanager would NOT save anything, and I had to first open it in root, then run it, in order to get the wireless to work.  WICD is a breeze to use, and has made my getting online easier. (grins)

===I have KeepNote, pidgin, Claws Mail all working quite well, and it is really nice to have an up to date Firefox and Chromium.  LibreOffice is of course also looking quite good.

===I am still working with XFCE 4.8 as my desktop environment.  I do want to play with Enlightenment a bit, but that is giving me intermittent issues: it sometimes works really well, and other times it decides to SVG (effective meaning: break), unless I bring it up as root first, sign out, then start it again as myself.  Very odd.  It is a nifty environment to play with, so I will see what can be done to fix that issue.


===I did try a few other distros after I decided that Crunchbang, while quite good, was not quite doing it for me.  I tried ARCH…that decided that wireless was to a hell to be set up.  Tried ArchBang…which had the wireless working, but it did not really “feel” right, and had similar configuration issues for me.  I have been using Debian based distros for a long time (Debian, Mepis, Ubuntu, CrunchBang), and it felt like I really wanted a change.  (I still have Xubuntu on the upstairs desktop.  Not bad, and probably not going to switch that quite yet, but I like Sabayon’s implementation of XFCE 4.8 a LOT better.  I am not fond of the path that Ubuntu has taken with their “Unity” desktop, and the Gnome3 project is not an improvement over Gnome2 to my mind.)

===And that would be the semi-obligatory-semi-computerish-geek post of the blog for now!

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