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Things I enjoy about living in the woods…

by rialian - January 11th, 2011.
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===Currently, enjoying looking out the window and watching the snow fall through the trees.  I am currently sitting in the living room, sipping coffee…thinking of a few things I need to write folks back on.

===The projects of the week include:

/ Practicing on the dulcimer

/ Getting down to the DC area a bit to pick up another monitor and the adapter need to get my wife’s computer more usable for her work at home (Needs an extended screen for what she does, thus two screens and an adapter to make that happen…unless it is better to just get another video card?…hrm…) (Pick up more coffee while down there…really like Mayorga, and since I will be in the area anyway…)

/Research!…ok, I do that anyway…but do need to look through my seeds and start planning out the gardens for this year.  Also need to really look at what i need so that I can set up for raising rabbits and fowl (chickens and guinea fowl…though I admit, ducks are not out of question.  Also thinking of goats eventually.

===Hrm….should actually do some of that practice now…(grins)

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