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Living a mythic life…

by rialian - December 30th, 2011.
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===It is interesting how myth informs the aware, and will let you know when you are acting properly or not.  Few know this quite as…directly…as those of an elven persuasion.

===I know in my own life, I tend to get hints when I am acting properly…lines of synchronicity happen more, for example. It seems that those lines have been getting stronger, as of late…

===The thing is, you have to be aware of these things….Now, not all strings of bad luck are signs from the mythic flows that you live, but it never hurts to take a glance and see if maybe your myths are trying to tell you something.  some myths can be really quite obvious when they want to be. (Norse and Irish come immediately to mind.  Had Cúchulainn actually shown a bit more awareness, rather than the self-righteousness…..he might have turned out better in the end, if you asked me…)

===(I can see a few folks glancing and wondering what particular mythos I follow….well, I am one of those odd folks that find some resonance in a weird norse-ish/celtic-ish feel, that really does not fully ascribe to either, but definitely finds itself expressed in both myth-tales. I have a fondness for the Norns….and a few others.  I work with the essences that tend to find themselves expressed in various mythos. (including lovecraftian, to be honest….)

===I do tend to check in with my various myths if I start seeing patterns happening around me.  I mean really…I do not see the point in making things that much harder for myself…it gets interesting enough as it is! (laughter)

===More later…

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