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A note on spaces…

by rialian - January 15th, 2011.
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===(Chuckles) A note inspired by a friend’s query on their journal about spaces after periods….

===There is apparently some argument ongoing about how many spaces one should have after a period is used, one space or two.

===I learned to use two, and I stick to that for the most part.  I am told the original reason behind the spacing was due to typewriter legibility, but I was also taught (and I am not certain others have had this explanation, it might have been an insight the teacher had), that the second space helps in overall coherence and pacing.  A double-space gives more of a “pause” in the reading, and actually makes it easier to find your place when you come back to it.  I would have to say I agree with this.

===Single-space after period tends to read a bit like a run-on to me, even if it is not.   It is a bit less conversational, more rushed….but this might just be me.

===Spaces between are a sort of punctuation in and of themselves.

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