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by rialian - February 2nd, 2011.
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===First, a bit of interesting reading: The Hidden Imbolc

===Also, the Silver Elves have posted up a new letter:Magical Elven Love Letters

===So, what is Rialian up to today?  Well, doing a bit of cleaning up, waiting for the firewood folk to call to bring me another cord of wood. (it has been a cold winter.  I will definitely be stocking up for next year earlier so I can have this all stacked up proper and seasoning nicely for the next winter, rather than underestimating our needs.

===It has gotten sunny out, the snow and ice are melting…very pretty out, very wet…very bright.  The creek is now running, which is a wonderful sound to hear, and to see when I walk over to it.  I know it will got cold again, but it will soon be time to start the cooler-weather crops and do the makeshift coldframes (a few strawbales with some soil poured in the cavity formed, and a sheet of glass on top).  That area will then become where the closer-to-the-house garden will be.

===So, cleaning, a bit of research, practicing the dulcimer….and prepping the house for a small celebration of Imbolc.

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