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Coffee and Tangents!

by rialian - February 3rd, 2011.
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===As some may know, the folks here at Mithlond like their coffee…to the point that we do intend to have tree or two in that greenhouse we are planning so that we have some slight production here .  We would not likely ever produce enough for our levels of consumption, but a ritual cup or two?  That would work.   We already have a tea camellia in the kitchen.  I am hopefully starting some Tumeric plants from some roots I have from an organic market.

===Oh, you might want to do something like this?  Here, have a link:
Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in Any Home, Anywhere

===It is a great book, by folks that know what they are doing, considering that their family has been doing this since 1892…In Connecticut. 

===Over the years, we have gotten….well, rather particular with our coffee.  We prefer the light roast, and we have found that we really like vacuum coffee pots:

The Vacuum Coffee Pot

Using a Siphon Coffee Maker

===I would say the best that we have found is the Nicro steel pots…We like the glass posts a lot, but sadly they are more fragile.  The Nicro steel filter is also probably the best design I have encountered.  The glass rods work reasonably well, but in terms of sheer simplicity and clean filtration those metal disks are amazing.  I do not like having to use cloth or paper filters.  The coffee does a fine job as a filter when you let it. (grins)  I also have a glass disk one that does a fine job as a filter.  I am not so fond of the glass rod filters…though they do work ok.

===I do recommend getting a good coffee grinder…not the electric blade-things, but a real burr grinder.  Really…it makes better coffee….

Association of Coffee Mill Enthusiasts (I had not realized there was an association for this…I should not be surprised, there are groups like this for typewriter fans (I have several, actually…)  We have two antique grinders that work rather well.  They do make new ones, that actually look pretty good…but I like my older tech….it looks better. (grins)

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